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More Female Strength

Mar 24, 2020

Pandemic Edition! COVID-19 had us all staying at home, and Cassi and Katherine are back from hiatus to talk at-home workouts. How to structure them, what equipment you need (spoiler: it could be none at all!) and how to get the support you need for training at home.



Sep 23, 2019

We sit down with Jordan Feigenbaum from Barbell Medicine to talk about his recent article, ‘Shades of Gray: Sex, Gender, and Fairness in Sport,” in which he busts the myth of “biological sex,” describes the relative recency of womens sports, gives a history of gender elegibility testing in sport, and points out...

Aug 26, 2019

Quiana Welch joins us for a raw, honest conversation about her training and experiences through pregnancy, birth, and beginning her postpartum journey. Quiana is a high-level multi-sport strength athlete, who holds an American record in the snatch, and has competed in Crossfit, GRID, and even womens football. We talk...

Aug 2, 2019

Cassi and Katherine are back from hiatus and take a moment to share some exciting personal updates! Then we take a look at our growth as coaches over time. We share what we used think was true, and discuss the things we do differently based on what we think is true NOW. 

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Mar 22, 2019

On this week’s episode, we start with a quick discussion of USAPL’s ban on trans athletes, and give you some action items to help make your voice heard. Then we get into GPP: what is it, why do we want it, how do we program for it. Everybody’s training gets into a slump now and then - adding in conditioning and...